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Yes, we have many more Passage To video series planned and in the works, but we do not want to spoil the surprises that are coming up. In fact, this summer we are spending about six weeks shooting some of the most amazing footage of some special places in the United States. Keep checking on our site for more information.

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Passage To Productions

Welcome to Passage To Productions -
Nominated for the International Emmy for Videography

This is the primary page for our company and its various products. From here you can learn about Passage To Productions and visit our associated websites.

We are a small, family run video and photography company, based in Florida. We primarily produce travel documentaries, but we also produce educational documentaries and other products. Our video and still photography products are also used by major production companies the world over.  When we are not doing a shoot in some far-off land, we also produce special event videos, such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate presentations.

Our video products are seen on domestic and international channels, such as The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Korea Broadcasting System, BBC and many more.  Our products, both produced documentaries and stock footage are sold the world over through most of the major online retailers and distribution networks.

Our video and still clip library contains over 32,000 images and clips.  We have been able to shoot some of the most rare footage ever taken, including an hour-long timelapse of the spring equinox at Chichen Itza, with all seven diamonds present and no cloud cover.  Our video work has been nominated for an International Emmy.

When shooting special events, such as weddings or commercial work, we bring our award winning knowledge and equipment to work for you.  Our prices for these events are surprisingly low, amazingly low.  How do we do this?  Unlike many others, we do not rely on these special events for our primary income, that comes through royalty streams of our other products.  Essentially, we use these events to stay in practice between documentary shoots.

Interested?   Read more below...

Passage to Paris

We have finished shooting all segments of Passage to Paris, now we start the editing process.

Lucaya and Logan have spent two years researching and developing this wonderful project. As with all of our travel videos, we will take you on tours around the City of Lights, seeing both the things everyone wants to see as well as the more obscure and less visited. Passage to Paris is shot in HD and will provide you with stunning video.

One of the things that makes us very excited about this video is that we turned the complete production over to our Host and Narrator - Lucaya Luckey-Bethany and her brother, our primary videographer and editor, Logan Luckey-Bethany. With their substantial backgrounds, they put together a series of tours that reflect their styles. They are a lot of fun, have captures some amazing shots and take you to places that few would know about in the City of Lights.

Visit the Passage To Paris website to learn more.

Passage to the Mayans

Passage to the Mayans was shot in March 2011. This series, all shot in HD, will take you to some of the great Mayan cities and sites throughout the Yucatan. From the world famous Chichen Itza to Coba to Ek Balem and many more, you will take a journey back a thousand or more years to see the magnificence of the structures and carvings, built primarily using only stone age tools, but with an engineering genius that rivaled that of Rome.

We shot in 14 locations throughout the Yucatan, with the vast majority being Mayan cities that held a major significance in the Mayan culture, but are seldom visited, due primarily to their remote locations.

We anticipate release of this DVD series in the Fall 2014

Making Travel Videos

We make travel videos in an effort to help the traveling public .  In the past, before we would go somewhere, we would purchase several videos or watch television shows relating to the places we wanted to visit. In almost every instance, either the video quality was very poor or the focus was on food, hotels and bars.  We figured we could find our own restaurants, places to stay and pubs.  What we wanted was information on the actual sites and locations we wished to visit. We wanted to learn the best way to get around, how to save money and to make the most of our travel time.

To this end, we began the Passage To series. Each video is designed to be like a private tour.  We spend months researching, we usually visit the location first for several weeks to learn our way around. We then return, sometimes multiple times, to do the actual shoots. In other words, we do the groundwork so you do not have to.

In addition, each of our videos has an associated website. On each of these sites we provide a substantial amount of information on the city or area. We often provide free guidebooks, MP3 audio guides and much more.  When you purchase one of our DVD sets you can be certain that you are getting a high quality product that has been fact checked and has been followed numerous times by ourselves and others.

Pictures From America

This new documentary began filming in late summer 2012 and more footage is being added in the spring of 2014.  Pictures From America is to be an ongoing project.  We will be initially visiting about 30 States, visiting National Parks, Forests, Monuments, State Parks, wilderness and towns across the U.S.

Visit our Pictures From America website to see what is happening.  (presently the website is in its initial construction stages, so nothing is really there yet)

Art, Architecture and History of the Churches of Rome

The Art, Architecture and History of the Churches of Rome has been five years in development. Based primarily on the monumental book "The Pilgrim's Guide to Rome's Principal Churches", written by Father Joseph Tylenda and published by Angelus Press, this 20+ episode broadcast mini-series takes you into 40 churches and basilicas in Rome. It is not a religious series, but instead shows how the influences of the Vatican and these churches have changed western culture through the genius and beauty created by some of the world's greatest artists, sculptors, architects.

This series is now in in a holding stage as we are having to spend a massive amount of time reviewing all of the information we have on the files shot over the years.  All footage has now been shot over the course of six years. We anticipate release by the spring of 2015. It will be broadcast globally.