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Our special event products encompass a large group of events.  Class reunions, military celebrations, corporate activities, birthday parties, anniversaries and more.  If it is special to you, then it will be special to us.

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Nominated for the International Emmy for Videography

NOTE:  Please be aware that we are presently rebuilding the website.  We did have 10 websites (which was a bit much) and are now combining them all down to 2.  Please be patient and understand that most links will not be working for a few weeks.


We are a small, family run video and photography company, based in Florida. We produce travel and educational documentaries, and other products. Our video and still photography products are used by major production companies the world over.  When we are not doing a shoot in some far-off land, we produce special event productions; such as memorial tributes, reunions, anniversaries, weddings and corporate presentations.

Our video products are seen on domestic and international television channels, such as The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Korea Broadcasting System, BBC and many more.  Our products have been seen in over 73 countries.

Our video and still clip library is huge and in regards for some geographic areas, the largest.  Our video work has been nominated for the International Emmy for Videography.

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